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Waterfall Serio Satellite altavoces surround


Precio por unidad

“Miniature” series of the Hurricane Evo satellite, Serio uses the same components (glass & aluminium), the Heatstream technology, and the same colour schemes and accessories.

Rich from all our innovations, this micro satellite delivers an impressive natural and pure sound for its size. Associated to our High Force subwoofers, you will be thrilled by its sonic capacities in Hi Fi or Home Cinema.

Norstone Epur 4


Epur 4 is designed to hold your complete high-end Hi-Fi system. The top shelf will ideally hold your turntable device. It can possibly hold your TV set and your Home-Theater system as well. Ball bearing mounting is especially convenient: you can move your installation without wasting time.

Waterfall Elora altavoces


Altavoz Waterfall Audio Elora EVO, apto para ser altavoces frontales y central en un sistema de home cinema, con una estética y un sonido espectacular.

Precio por altavoz unitario.

Waterfall Pack 1


Miniature, yet elegant and sharp, this compact system is the perfect answer to small size / big sound. Ideal for small rooms or small flats under 30 m2 size.

Waterfall Pack 2


Upgrade from Pack 1, in pure Hi Fi listening, this pack reaches the sound of a conventional floor standing speaker by using the exceptional Hurricane Evo satellites. A real “must have” in its category

Waterfall Pack 3


If you are in search of a compact system capable to keep you in your seat until the last scene, this is the system for you. With its HF2 Evo subwoofer, this system will deliver amazing bass power, strong impact, precision and pure sound.

Waterfall Pack 4


Perfectly matched visually to any flat screen with the Elora as center version and the left and right speakers with the Elora LR, backed up in the rear with Hurricane Evo. Perfect choice for large rooms.

Waterfall Pack 5


The Ultimate Pack for a stunning Home Cinema system in your living room with speakers that blend and disappear in your decor. Happy mix of satellites, subwoofer and towers to achieve the sonic atmosphere of a movie theater. As front speakers, our speakers will provide a traditional HiFi High End experience.