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Vicoustic Flexi Wood A50



  • Flexi Wood A50 is a panel dedicated to the control of medium and medium-low frequencies. It acts simultaneously as an absorber and a reflector, controlling excess energy in a room without compromising its ambience. This helps to create listening spaces with a natural, bright sound.


The Flexi Wood panel is available in two different thicknesses for use in different frequency ranges. Flexi Wood A50 is designed to perform to maximum effect between 400 and 1250 Hz.

Thorens TD 295-MKIV giradiscos


Giradiscos con auto stop. Tracción por correa. Control electrónico de velocidad 33/45 RPM. Peana con pies de desacoplo. Con brazo TP 42 y cápsula AT 95E. Con tapa.  Dimensiones: 430 x 9145 x 365mm (W x H x D). Peso: 8kg