Oyaide Tunami Terzo XX-V2


Precio para cable de 1m.

Cable de interconexión balanceado XLR.

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  • Under the same concept of TUNAMI, TUNAMI TERZO is produced as an interconnect cable without changeing basic structure and materials.
  • The basic architecture of TUNAMI TERZO is 2P parallel layout. And its exterior is elegant pearl white color. The PCOCC-A conductor has 1.25sq cross-sectional area which enables high-power signal transmission.
  • The multi-layered shielding structure is newly employed for TUNAMI TERZO for better noise protection.
  • TUNAMI TERZO XX is equipped with the original premium XLR plug, FOCUS 1, which features one-touch push-pull function.
  • The appearance of TUNAMI TERZO made us enable to present total TUNAMI wiring system in combination with other TUNAMI series.
  • From the sound of TUNAMI TERZO, you can feel wider range and sound stage, sound energy density, and higher resolution.
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